How to inexpensively upgrade your home: Tip 2! Framed Mirrors!

Mirrors can be used anywhere and everywhere and are great for making small rooms appear larger. Mirrors can add a lot of dimension to your space and much more! They give off a sense of style and elegance while completing the look of any room.

Now lets take a moment and focus on a room where the use of a mirror determine the rooms ambiance. The Bathroom!! Do the mirrors in your bathrooms look like either of these?


If yes, then it’s time for an upgrade!

Now there is nothing wrong with either of these mirrors. Yes, they are very simplistic; yet, functional… actually they are the same mirrors the contractor installed in my bathrooms before I moved into my new house.

So what’s the problem you ask?  Well, nothing…except they are lacking one crucial element: personality.  To me, they make the bathroom feel unfinished.  But there is a very easy solution!!!  By adding a simple frame you can take your plain mirror and turn it into a elegant focal point above your vanity!!

So now let’s look at some bathrooms with unframed mirrors versus a few with frames! Which do you like better?


 The photo on the left is a perfect example of a contractor grade mirror.  The nice part is that it spans across the entire vanity!  But as demonstrated in the photo on the right, by adding a simple frame or some molding, you can still have your large mirror and have a finished look! 


For the photo on the left:   I would suggest adding very simplistic brown or copper frame.  Because of the detail of the tile on the wall, less is definitely more!  However, a simple frame would complete the look.   The photo on the right is an excellent example of  how a mirror can turn a boring bathroom vanity into a luxurious looking space!

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