2011 Color Trends

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Are you ready for color? I know I am!!!

Can you imagine living in a world where color doesn’t exist?… Well, I’m sorry to say but many of us already are! I don’t literally mean that some of us are living in a world of black and white, but yet, how many times do you go into someone’s home (maybe even your home) to find white, cream, or gray walls? I think there are many reasons why this happens so often, but here is a couple.

First, I believe that some of us have no idea where to start. Which colors to use, which walls to paint, and most importantly how to coordinate colors with the furniture and accessories that we already have. Another reason could be the “I’ll get to it later” mentality. You move into your new apartment, home, condo, etc.. and at first, you are excited and can’t wait to unpack and get everything all set up in your new place. You think, wow! This place is going to look amazing once I get settled in and get around to painting!!! Then you just stop there. Days go by, weeks, months, and sometimes even years!! And by then, it’s sometimes too late! You’re already moving out and into your next place and you never even touched a paintbrush to the walls.

So I’d like to share with you some HOT color trends from Jack Bredenfoerder, a Design Director at Cincinnati, to help you ease your way into a world of color! πŸ™‚

  1. So what can we expect to see in 2011?

Fire-inspired reds, oranges, and ambers are the fireworks of 2011. These hot divas will burst forth with the power, energy, and passion necessary to bring fresh excitement.

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Lighter golden browns represent the natural comforting luxuries enjoyed by the fire. Think of cashmere, almonds, fine scotch, and aged tobacco.

The long-term global blue cycle will continue to develop. Bright, clean blues still symbolize hope for a unified planet. But in 2011, the blues will be more aquatic; their watery presence will balance the fire colors.

Blog by Stephanie Casey Interiors

Greens will be layered and reminiscent of the forest floor after firewood is collected. In this spectrum of soft hues, we find natural, new beginnings.

Charcoal, smoke, and ash will inspire soft whispers of color. Graphite black will celebrate the new Nobel Prize-winning compound graphene, a super-strong but light carbon that is expected to change the future of humankind.

Blog by Stephanie Casey Interiors

Finally, purples will move away from recent mauve hues and come alive with the influence of fire. They are like the colors seen deep under smoldering coals—a bright glimpse at the joy of the future. Fire will also pull navy into a deep, royal blue-purple.