How to inexpensively upgrade your home: Tip 3! Faux Wood & Wood Blinds!!

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Blog by Stephanie Casey Interiors

After: Faux Wood Blinds

Blog by Stephanie Casey Interiors

Before: Plastic Mini Blinds

Do you currently have mini blinds in your windows?… You know, the cheap plastic kind that break when you go to open them? Or maybe you have a cat or dog that have ruined them? They are horrible and they need to go! πŸ™‚ I know this because I have them and I broke another set this morning!!

Here is a before and after of my window at the top of my staircase.

Now you may be a little apprehensive to replace them because you are expecting wood blinds and even faux wood blinds to be much more expensive. Well that is NOT the case!! Classic Window Coverings offer Exceptional products that not only look amazing but they will fit your budget too!! Please contact me, and i’ll get you a quote!

Tip: Upgrade your blinds one room at a time to help stay on track with your budget!