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I encourage all of my commercial clients to connect their brand image to their interior space. Selecting materials and finishes that coordinate with your brand will help to strengthen your company’s image by reinforcing a uniform brand identity.

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Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Residential Design Services Richmond

Save Time

Do you have a project that you’ve been meaning to get around to? Maybe you’ve started it, but just haven’t had the time to get it completed? Well, designers can save you time and relieve you from the stress of a renovation project, by coordinating contractors and purchasing items directly! Designers also have valuable resources that can save you money!

Interior Design Services Richmond

Creative & Focused

Designers can do it all!! We are armed, educated, and certified to help with colors, lighting, space planning, and project management! Our invaluable knowledge of products and technical specifications will ultimately help our clients when it’s time to make decisions about purchasing and construction. As designers, we also have the ability to create custom designed furniture and fabrications just for your space!

Space Planning


When something goes wrong, don’t just pick up the phone book and call a subcontractor!! Designers have many resources and contacts within the field to help get you through any “uh-oh”!

Material & Finish Selections

Connect Your Brand To Your Interior Space

Let's face it: first impressions matter. Working with a professional interior designer will ensure that your space feels like an extension of your brand.

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